5 Questions to Avoid Asking in an Interview

Organizing your interview questions is critical prep before your meeting. However, there are such things as bad interview questions to ask. At Kiwi Recruitment Agency in Sussex, we can help you find a new career and give you advice on your upcoming interview, as we know the latter is a stressful and nerving time for most. So, avoid interview mess-ups by dodging the following awkward questions. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

How many holidays are included?

This screams: I’ve not got my foot in the door yet, but already I’m thinking about leaving. Until you have been sent an email or told on the phone that you have the job, leave your holiday questions until then.

How much does this job pay?

This can be a tricky one, as your salary can be a deal breaker or maker. In the initial interview, it may be better if you leave the question of salary off the table unless your interviewer brings it up, because if you ask early on, you may seem like you are interested in the job just for the pay.

Do you know when we’ll be finished?

If you look like you are in a rush, then your interview is already starting off on the wrong foot. With interviews, the rule goes that if you are there longer, you have a better shot (although, this isn’t always right but it is a good indication). If you expect it to be a twenty-minute interview, always assume it could be longer, especially if there are tests involved.

What benefits does this role provide?

Again, this gives the impression that you are only interested in the role because of the salary and the perks. Everyone is interested in the benefits but it’s better to ask about it at a later date – maybe even after you have signed your contract.

So, what is your role here?

You should already know that. As part of your pre-interview research, finding out more about your interviewer (we recommend LinkedIn) should be on the top of your list, so you can understand exactly who you are speaking to.

A bonus tip we have added is for you to remember to have specific questions about the job for the end of the interview. It never looks good when they ask if you have any questions and your answer, “No, none at all.” At least use this time to give yourself one last pitch.
If you would like to start your job search, get in touch with a member of our team or you can visit Kiwi Recruitment Agency in Chichester, West Sussex and kickstart your career.

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