5 Reasons Not to Use A Recruitment Agency

5 Reasons Not to Use A Recruitment Agency

You’ll end up binge watching more Netflix due to more free time

Not had the time to binge your favourite TV show to the point of finishing a whole series in one night? When you choose to use a recruitment agency, the hard work of finding a new job will be done for you. You’ll have more time on your hands and will probably end up binging more TV and finishing that series that you love.

You’ll have less things to moan about because you’ll actually enjoy your job

Kiwi Recruitment won’t make you take a job that you hate. We strive to find people jobs that they genuinely enjoy. You’re gonna have to find something else to moan about whilst sipping on your morning coffee.

You’ll end up spending more money

Only because you’ll actually be working a good job and have more money to spend, that is.

You won’t be able to cancel on social events due to job-search related stress

The excuse that you can’t make it out that night because you’re so overwhelmed about trying to find a new job will be made redundant. You wont be tasked with the tricky job of finding yourself new work; the recruitment agents will do it for you.

If these reasons aren’t enough to put you off, then hey, give Kiwi Recruitment a try! Get in touch with one of our Recruitment agents today.

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