A Polite Reminder That The Clocks Are Changing

A Polite Reminder That The Clocks Are Changing

Whenever someone mentions that the clocks are changing, you can almost always hear a wave of ‘Is that the good one or the bad one?’ echoing from all ends of the country. The clocks are changing on Sunday the 27th of October, and unfortunately, it’s the bad one. The Nation will be begrudgingly turning our clocks back and waving goodbye to British summer time.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Autumn is upon us. That’s right, Halloween, pumpkins, beautiful leaves falling from trees, and more pumpkins (I like pumpkin bread, okay?).

Autumn is the perfect season for going on walks with your relatives whilst admiring the scenery and stunning display of coloured leaves. After your walk, you can look forward to snuggling up under a knitted blanket (It has to be knitted or the pictures won’t look as cute on Instagram), watching your favourite film, and then carving yourself a pumpkin.

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