An Interview With a Radio Presenter

An Interview With a Radio Presenter

Often tasked with the tricky challenge of getting us out of bed, a radio presenter of a morning show can be a difficult role. One of the more unique jobs out there, there’s a lot to learn about being a Content Director and Radio Presenter of a well known radio station. We spoke to Spirit FM’s Stuart McGinley and asked him some key questions about his job.

What is your job role?

Content Director and Radio Presenter

What is your favourite aspect of your job role?

No two days are the same and I get to do some really funny and unusual things from sausage making, flying a plane or appearing in a panto! I get to play music on the radio in the morning and then focus more on the management aspect of my job which involves me managing the content team and being responsible for everything we do on air, and online. Essentially I need to protect our brand.

What is your least favourite aspect of your job role?

Admin and spreadsheets, but they need to be done!

How may hours does your job require you to work a week?

On average the standard 37.5 hours a week but these need to be flexible as some weeks we organise or attend local events which may involve working some weekends.

What is the social aspect of your job like?

It’s a very social job! We get to meet lots of listeners and clients every week in person, it’s one of the parts of my role I enjoy the most. We are also very active on social media too, as a brand and as presenters.

How challenging was the application process for your role?

It was challenging but made me think about what my core skills are as a person and what I can offer the company. My priorities were to present a plan for how I was going to help the company improve revenue and audience figures, developing talent and protect our brand. The tasks and interviews set were very well formatted and relevant to the role I do.

Did you have any relevant experience/higher education before applying for your role?

I don’t have a degree but did have a lot of relevant experience required for the this varied role, this combined on air and management skills.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to pursue the same/a similar job role?

It’s a tough industry to get into at the moment and always has been, but you just need to believe in yourself and keep trying. Make contacts, offer your time for free to gain experience and contacts. Listen to the advice you are given and observe what others are doing, it will serve you well! Practical skills and passion for what you do will always carry you far.

What is a general day in the life of your role?

I start my show at 6am, so I usually arrive at work from 5.30 to do any last-minute preparation for the show, so I will look at what the big talking points of the day are for example. The show finishes at 10am and then I will go downstairs manage the content team and liaise with our sales teams. I could either be asked to sit in on a sales meeting, review shows with the presenters, plan forthcoming station promotions and events, or meet with our news and digital teams to review our online stats and performance. It really is a case of planning ahead for everything we do across our brand platforms.

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