Local Award & Community Events

Local Award & Community Events

On Friday, Kiwi proudly sponsored the Lifetime Dedication Award at Spirit FM’s Local Hero Awards.

This award is given to someone who has gone that extra mile to achieve so much with their life. A very special award.

We had the pleasure to meet and spend the evening with John Wright. He has spent more than 70 years giving up his time to train lifesaving skills to generations and share his wealth of experience with countless other volunteers.

He’s helped save thousands of lives in that time. He started in in 1948 – you could say he’s spent longer at St John’s than the Queen has on the throne – it’s a remarkable achievement.

Ella, who nominated John, was taught first aid by him, as was her dad and her granddad. This man really has taught generations. Watch the video (above), created by Spirit FM to learn more about why John is so deserving of this award.

You can visit https://www.spiritfm.net/heroes/2018-winners/ to read up on the rest of the Heroes. Friday evening was a fabulous evening and it was the 12th year Spirit FM have held this heart-warming recognition.

All of this years Heroes, celebrated at the beautiful ceremony.

Kiwi MD Brendon Cook, presenting the award and cheque to John, winner of the Lifetime Dedication Award

Next up, Saturday was the much-anticipated Big Sleep Out, an event held by Stonepillow to raise funds to assist with their goal to permanently end homelessness.

Founded in 1989, Stonepillow provides a lifeline for homeless people with hubs, hostels and supported accommodation in Chichester, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton. Incredibly, in the past year, 208 people have accessed their services and 108 people have moved into a home of their own.

MD Brendon, with his home for the evening

They have supported hundreds of clients to regain their independence, many of whom would still be sleeping rough on the streets without their help.

The Big Sleep Out is Stonepillow’s annual event, where hundreds of locals gather to build cardboard shelters and sleep the night in the grounds of Chichester Cathedral to gain insight into the reality of sleeping rough. Kiwi Recruitment proudly sponsor this event and will be the overall sponsor for years to come, being such an important cause, we are proud to support Stonepillow.

Brendon slept beside the house in a water-tight cardboard creation to understand the challenges of ‘sleeping rough’

Managing Director, Brendon Cook, braved the stormy weather and slept under a cardboard tent to protect him from the downpours that occurred around 4am on Sunday morning.

Brendon was lucky to stay dry, but so many of those who brave this reality everyday may not have had that comfort.

If you would like to donate to this cause, you can do so here.

Here is a selection of the wonderful builds we saw on Saturday!

On Sunday afternoon, Brendon enjoyed a well deserved rest with his lovely family who gave up their husband & dad for a weekend of activity.

Brendon giving the thumbs up to braving the downpours that occurred early on Sunday morning.

Thank you to everyone who helped the team plan, prepare and execute what was a fantastically fun and rewarding weekend supporting fantastic causes.

If you would like to collaborate with the Kiwi Team on a future fundraiser, please contact us via [email protected]

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