BBC South – Southern Strikes Effects on Business

Due to the recent Southern Rail strikes we have seen a major affect on the businesses in the south as well as the community. BBC South have got a hold of our managing director, Brendon Cook, to express his opinion and concerns regarding the issue.

As Kiwi Recruitment specialize in temporary and permanent recruitment in the South East, we rely on public transport for our temporary candidates to get to work as well as for our permanent candidates to arrive on time to their interviews. The disruption on the railways has affected out financials as well as our relationships with our clients.

Our clients rely on our services to be quick and being let down by our candidates not arriving to work has an effect on their business and their productivity. To find out more information on this issue, our clients Ciret Ltd and ourselves have discussed the issue today at 6:30 on BBC South here:



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BrendonBBC South – Southern Strikes Effects on Business

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