Being a Team Player in the Chichester Softball Team

When he’s not at Kiwi Recruitment Agency helping business’ hire new candidates, our Director Brendon is a team player in Chichester Falcons Softball Club. Not only is softball a favourite and fun sport of his, but it’s also a great way to get into the community and meet new people.

Since the Chichester Falcons Softball Club formed in 2011, the club have built strong links with the Chichester County Council and with numerous charities, such as Stonepillow; a local charity that helps the homeless. The club regularly provides coaching for local schools and also participates in “Have A Go!” events, which encourages people to pick up a new sport.

Brendon has said about the Chichester Falcons Softball: “It’s a great team game and a real laugh – I would recommend anyone joining the sport as it’s a good way to meet new people.”

He goes on to say what impact the team have locally: “The Chichester Softball Team is rooted into the community, as it participates in tournaments that raise a lot of money for local charities. The team is also supported by local business’ like Co-op Funeralcare, Phillips Respironics, Tennyson and CRJ Lettings. They also work closely with the Chichester University Raptors Softball team by developing younger players and giving an outlet to graduates.”

“Being a team player in a sport that’s very community focused is an important factor to Kiwi Recruitment and I. We like to connect and help local business’ by making sure that we’re available to them, their recruitment needs and to ensure that we understand the business well, so we can help find them the right candidates the first time.”

At Kiwi, we are team players for your business. We want to help your company and see your workplace thrive by making the recruitment process as easy as possible for you. We will go through CVs and select the right candidates that will compliment your business.

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BrendonBeing a Team Player in the Chichester Softball Team

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