Brendon’s BBQ Tips: The Basics

After a busy day being at Kiwi Recruitment Office in Chichester, there is nothing more enjoyable to Brendon (our director) than having a BBQ! As we’ve said before, he’s a bit of barbeque guru and this month we’re going back to basics, as Brendon is teaching us the essentials—so don’t even think about cooking another sausage until you’ve read this!

Charcoal or Gas?

First things first when it comes to barbecuing: will you be using a charcoal or a gas barbie? Brendon tells us that both has pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide which type of barbecue to use.

On the one hand, gas barbies are easier. They tend to warm up quicker than charcoal and they won’t take hours to clean up afterwards, plus you can choose whether to add wood chippings for added flavor. One downside to gas is the price of buying one, but you do pay for the convenience.

As Brendon says, “Charcoal barbecues are a different beast.” It takes a while for them to warm up (usually up to twenty minutes) and are a real nuisance to clean – but they add a smoky flavor to the food and you get to play with real fire—and that’s one of the main reasons we like to barbecue, right?
How Long to Preheat?

Knowing how hot your barbecue is before starting is essential to cooking the perfect meat. Brendon says when checking how hot your barbecue is: “You have to count how many seconds you can hold your hand over the grill.”

– 10+ seconds for low heat
– 6 – 8 seconds for medium heat
– 2 – 4 seconds for high heat
Have Your BBQ Utensils at Hand

You wouldn’t expect a painter to go to work without his brushes, so you shouldn’t start barbecuing without the right utensils. Remember to use a spatula and tongs when flipping your food, as using your usual dinner utensils (forks, knives etc) is tricky and a little too close to comfort when dealing with the barbecue heat.

Brendon also recommends a brass wire brush to help clean the meaty residue after you’ve been cooking—we promise you, they are well worth the buy!

Brendon’s most important advice on barbecuing is, “Always have a drink on the go – you don’t want to dehydrate as it’s hot work out there!”

Like heating up a charcoal barbecue, recruiting takes knowledge and patience. If you’re looking for a recruitment agency to help you find the perfect candidates for your company, Kiwi Recruitment in Chichester are here to help your business grow—get in touch today.

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BrendonBrendon’s BBQ Tips: The Basics

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