Brendon’s BBQ Top Tips: Chicken

Welcome back to Brendon’s BBQ tips! As you know, Brendon is Kiwi Recruitment Agency’s Director and when he’s not giving companies recruitment help, he’s out in the garden cooking up a storm on the barbecue. Now we’re well into July, this should be the best month to treat you and your family to a barbie! That’s why Brendon is letting you in on some sizzling tips on how to cook the perfect chicken that’s tender, juicy and has that smoky taste we all love.

When chicken is cooked well, it can be the real star of a barbie. Chicken is usually a crowd pleaser, especially with the kids, and it’s a meat that you can get creative with as you can add your own concoction of spices and sauces. However, chicken can be the most used and abused meat at a barbie. It’s easy to overcook and, if the barbecue is too high, chicken can burn until its blackened and dry.

Season The Meat First

Before cooking, remember to season the meat well. Whether you’re making your meat spicy, such as tandoori style chicken or cajun and chilli, or maybe you want to keep it simpler with a classic lemon and thyme—make sure it’s rubbed on well before you cook. If there is a sauce to go with the chicken, leave this until later on in the process (we’re talking a few minutes before you’ve finished barbecuing the meat).

Lower The BBQ Heat

To ensure that the chicken is cooked well, you need to lower the barbecue heat so the meat doesn’t dry out. If you’re cooking a whole chicken, this could take between 2 – 3 hours, however we recommend baking the chicken in the oven first until it is cooked and no blood is evident. Brendon says, “If you see red, it’s important that she gets chucked back into the oven!”

Once the chicken is just cooked (but not overly so), barbecue the meat for fifteen – twenty minutes.

Top Tip: If you position a pan of water next to the coals, this can help keep your chicken moist.

Cover The Meat in Sauce

When the chicken has been barbecued for 15 minutes, cover the meat in your chosen sauce and cook for a further five. Be vigilant that your barbecue hasn’t become too hot, as the sauce is the factor that will most likely make your chicken taste like charcoal if overcooked—and you don’t want that! When you’ve finished barbecuing, serve and enjoy.

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BrendonBrendon’s BBQ Top Tips: Chicken

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