• Brendon’s BBQ Top Tips: The Burger
  • Brendon’s BBQ Top Tips: The Burger
  • Brendon’s BBQ Top Tips: The Burger
  • Brendon’s BBQ Top Tips: The Burger
  • Brendon’s BBQ Top Tips: The Burger
  • Brendon’s BBQ Top Tips: The Burger

Brendon’s BBQ Top Tips: The Burger

When our Director, Brendon Cook, is not working hard finding seasonal and temporary staff at Kiwi Recruitment in Chichester, he can be found outside enjoying a barbecue—like the true Kiwi he is! Cook by name, cook by nature, Brendon is finally letting us in on his sizzling BBQ tips and as summer hots up, we’ll be clueing you in on how to enjoy the perfect barbecue.

For our first week, we’ll be looking at the staple of barbecues…that’s right, we’ll be telling you how to prepare the perfect burger!
Only The Best For Your BBQ
When it comes to throwing burgers on the barbie, not any old meat will do. Look for your quality ground sirloin patties that you can find on the meat counter at your local grocery store. The higher fat content within these burgers will keep the meat moist, whereas your cheap frozen patties (BBQ sacrilege!) will dry out on the barbie, making a disappointing burger.

How Thick Should Your Burger Be?
When it comes to the thickness of your burger, keep them thin! This means that the centre of your burger will cook better and won’t burn the outside of pattie—and no one likes a burnt burger.

Keep Your Hands Off!
We all like to flip the burger, poke at it and even put pressure on the pattie with your spatula—it makes us feel like a professional, yeah? Brendon says this is the biggest no-no when it comes to barbecuing. Only flip it once—twice at the maximum—and don’t put pressure on the burger as the juices will escape, creating a dry centre. Just let the pattie be and as Brendon says, “She’ll be right, mate.”
How Long Do You Cook The Burger?
One last crucial step is testing to see whether the burger is cooked to your preferred taste. In an ideal world, the best way to do this is with an instant-read thermometer to check the internal temperature. Brendon understands that we all don’t have a thermometer at hand and he told us the alternative way to cooking the burger is timing how long the burger has spent on the barbie.

If you like your meat rare with a pink centre, leave the burger on from 1 – 3 minutes for each side with the temperature in the middle being 145 degrees.

For a medium burger that’s browned on the outside and slightly pink in the middle, around 5 minutes per side with an internal temperature of 160 degrees.

For those who like their meat well done, thoroughly browned with not the slightest detection of pink, cook each side for 7 – 8 minutes with the middle of the burger being at 175 degrees.

You may wish to finish off with placing a slice of your favourite cheese on top (do this at the end with the BBQ hood down) and Bob’s your Uncle and Fanny’s your Aunt, you have a beautiful burger that Brendon would be proud of!

If you have found your current recruitment efforts are more ‘burnt burger’ than ‘prime steak’, get in touch today and let us help you find the right member of staff for your company.

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BrendonBrendon’s BBQ Top Tips: The Burger

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