Calling all Students, Sign up with Kiwi Today!

Here at Kiwi Recruitment agency in Chichester, we have various jobs that can suit everyone. Most of you have already finished school/college, and some of you will be finishing soon, however have you thought about what you will be doing this summer? Hopefully it will be full of fun and holidays, but if you need some extra money, what better way than to do temporary work whenever you’re available?

Temporary jobs offer a lot of benefits to candidates, the most important one being gaining new skills. Doing temporary work will not only help you add skills to your CV but it will also give you more work experience within the area that you want to progress into!

So, are you looking for a summer job? Do you want to work in some of the most prestigious places in West Sussex? Then sign up with us today on

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BrendonCalling all Students, Sign up with Kiwi Today!

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