Kiwi give thanks to Businesses across West Sussex with a special event.

At Kiwi Recruitment, we like to be different. So this Christmas, we didn’t fancy ending our record breaking year by thanking our Clients with just a flimsy Christmas card. Nope. Not this year! 2018 has seen our Business and our Team grow by a whopping 25%, we set the Team an ambitious target to crack

Kiwi Recruitment investigates: CHICE

Saturday saw the launch of controversial temporary Ice-skating rink, CHICE. And we couldn’t be more delighted! An icy reception for Chichester’s proposed attraction Initially, the placement of the rink, located in Priory Park, Chichester; was argued to be an inappropriate location for the attraction. Councillors raised concerns about whether the site was the correct location,

Save The Kiwi

This is a blog post very close to our hearts here at Kiwi, as you can see, our name and logo is reference to the Kiwi bird native to New Zealand. Our MD is from New Zealand and I have been fortunate enough to live there too and experience this wonderful country and the people

Festival Of Speed 2018

Here at Kiwi Recruitment it’s our busiest time of year again and with that brings the excitement of the Festival of Speed, once more. This year, Goodwood Festival of Speed is celebrating 25 years since the Duke of Richmond threw open the gates to his humble pad in the Sussex countryside. The event has gone


The importance of valuing your candidates

Here at Kiwi Recruitment we value our candidates and want to reward them whichever way we can, that’s why we are running Temp of the Month! Each month we choose a temp that has been outstanding and reward them with a £30 Cineworld Voucher, showing them that we care about how much work they’ve put

Kiwi Recruitment backs local bar The Vestry bid to save 2 am licence.

At Kiwi Recruitment, we have a pretty good finger on the pulse of movements affecting local Business. Which is why, upon learning of local bar The Vestry’s fight to retain their 2 am licence, we just had to back their efforts. Last year, Chichester District Council made the decision to permit later licences for venues

Kiwi announces sponsorship of local MMA Fighter Ashley Kilvington

We are absolutely delighted to announce Kiwi Recruitment are sponsoring local MMA Fighter Ashley Kilvington ahead of his upcoming fight night on Saturday 7th April! If you would like to watch Ashley in what is shaping up to be another smash to victory for the local undefeated MMA fighter, contact him directly via his Facebook or

STAR Interview Technique

Interviews can be intimidating, often nerves can get the better of you and as a result answers to the questions posed will be a rambling mess of buzzwords that do not demonstrate our skills and expertise quite as smoothly as your well thought out CV. It happens to all of us… honest. The wonderful thing

The truth about working in hospitality

‘Long hours, split shifts, sore feet, grumpy Chefs and customers’ This is how some people may describe working in the hospitality industry, these are perhaps the cons, however, there are plenty of pro’s and let’s face it, there are positives and negatives in every industry – even recruitment! As Consultants, we certainly see this every day,

A day in the life of a Recruitment Consultant

The Recruitment Industry can be a tough one, as soon as a CV is submitted online, thousands of recruiters across the country are up against the clock to contact the job hunter and place them in their perfect role. Here, Kiwi Recruitment Manager Jenny tells us what a typical day in the office is like,