Client Si Protech And The Need For Temporary Staff

At Kiwi Recruitment in Chichester, we always aim to find the right staff members for our clients. We know that every business is different and is looking to create a work body that is unique to their company. Whether your business is searching for a person with a specific skillset or looking for seasonal staff, our knowledge and reach can help you find the right candidate.

Recently, we lent a helping hand to SI Protech; a company that specialises in manufacturing beverage technology. As providing excellent customer service is important to the company, they were looking for temporary staff members to help them maintain their high standards, so they can achieve long-lasting relationships with their customers.

“One of the reasons why I used Kiwi Recruitment Agency is because they recruit good staff at good value,” explained Vasco Miguel, who is the Operations Manager at SI Protech. “They have a great team there and I would definitely recommend them to another business.”

When asking Vasco about the type of staff they hire, he said: “We always start with temporary positions.” Many businesses use temporary staff as a means to help them through busy work fluctuations. However, temporary staff doesn’t always mean that employees will be there for a short amount of time. “We’ve had a few temporary staff that have become permanent,” Vasco added.

Hiring candidates on a temporary basis first is a clear way to see how they can gel with your company. The candidates can also let you know how they are getting on working for your business and if they are enjoying it, so you can get a good indicator on how to proceed. Temporary staff also cut costs in the long run, as when you turn a ‘temp’ to a permanent member of staff, you don’t have to invest more time and money into training as they already have been through this process.

Are you like Vasco and are looking for temporary staff to join your company? Get in touch today with one of our friendly staff members at Kiwi Recruitment. With our expertise and experience, we can help you find the right fit for your company.

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BrendonClient Si Protech And The Need For Temporary Staff

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