Goodwood’s Glorious Summer Temps!

This summer, Kiwi Recruitment services in Chichester have been working hard to find our clients the perfect flexible staff to help out during their busiest season. Sometimes people are discouraged to pick up temporary work, but what many job seekers don’t realize is that there are a lot of gains with working in a flexible, temporary position.

Why Temporary Work Can Help You…

We recently helped Guy Thompson, a student needing summer work, to find a flexible job at Goodwood over the season. He told us: “I had a really positive experience with Kiwi Recruitment. From the get-go, they found me three different jobs. In the end, I started a job with Plush Tents and then later I found work as a kitchen porter at Goodwood.” From the time Guy gave us his CV, we found him work the following week, so his job search was quick and stress free.

One thing he enjoys about working a summer job at Goodwood is the variety, as no two days are the same and you get the opportunity to work different hours. He told us, “It’s a nice change from a 9 to 5 job.”

He recently worked at the Festival of Speed—one of Goodwood’s busiest events of the summer. Of course, it was hard work supporting this event, but he told us one of the perks was that in his free time he was able to take a look around the festival—result!

Guy also told us that he’s been offered a valuable opportunity from Goodwood in the form of a permanent position as a part time trainee chef, which would be beneficial for him as it will coincide with his studies.

If like Guy you’re looking for temporary work that’s flexible around your schedule, get in touch with Kiwi Recruitment services or send us a message on Facebook. As taking up a temporary position could mean that you could gain experience in a position that you never thought of for yourself, plus you can explore the potential of seeing your temporary position made permanent.

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