Happy (Or maybe not so happy) National Sickie Day

Happy (Or maybe not so happy) National Sickie Day

It’s the first Monday of February. This means one thing: National Sickie Day.

The day sees a statistically high rise in people calling in sick for various reasons. Mostly, the reasons are likely ‘excuses’ and thus dubbed ‘pulling a sickie’.

A poll taken by ITV in 2014 demonstrated that 40% of people who had called in sick said they ‘just didn’t feel like it’. Not too long after Blue Monday, it’s not surprising that people lack the motivation to go into work this day.

In 2012, it was estimated by business advisers ELAS that National Sickie Day sicknesses may have costed the economy a wopping £34 million in salary, reduced productivity and lost opportunities.

If you’re feeling rough and could do with someone to talk to, try one of the many charities out there dedicated to providing help and support to individuals in need 24/7, such as the Samaritans.

Help for Employers

If you’re feeling like calling in sick due to not enjoying your job, get in touch with one of our recruitment agents today.You can call us on 01243 782763, email us at [email protected], or come in and visit us in our office on South Street, Chichester. We have a team of talented recruitment professionals ready and waiting to help you find a job that doesn’t make you want to call in sick.

If you’re worried about the Mental Health of your employees, don’t hesitate to contact AMH, or visit their website at www.amh.org.uk for help and advice.

Additonally, click here for absence management advice.

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