Hospitality, the truth about the industry

Hospitality = Long hours, split shifts, sore feet, grumpy chefs and customers

This is how some people may describe working in the hospitality industry. These are the cons, however there are plenty of pros and let’s face it, there are positives and negatives in every industry. Even in Recruitment!

In this industry, the individual at work can personally ensure a completely heavenly experience for another. Whether it is the Chef offering to cook you their signature dish or the front of house staff ensuring your every need is catered for, you can make sure the customers have a memorable experience.

Back Of House

Some of the most important people in the kitchen, are the Porters and Cleaners. These heroic people ensure all the pots and pans and kitchen utensils used in food preparation, are clean and sparkly. They also go to great lengths to have all the dining plates and cutlery clean and polished to perfection.

As a Chef, you learn something new every day. Even an Executive Head Chef, learns something new regularly. Whether it is a new fusion of flavours or discovering a new way to present a dish, experimenting is part of the job. Especially as food trends chop and change, you need to keep up with what people want. Avocado on toast anyone?!

Commis, Demi Chef de Parties, Chef de Parties and Sous Chefs are encouraged to learn continuously. A new Chef should always show enthusiasm to attend any training and gain further qualifications. Good, reputable establishments will openly encourage chefs to train as this has a direct bearing on their own success.

Front of House

Companies should encourage front of house staff to train and gain new skills. There are lots of courses you can go on, such as wine training, that only aid your work and also comes in handy when you have to choose a wine!

Housekeeping staff, Restaurant Managers, Hotel Managers, Pub Managers and event staff, all these people are thoroughly trained and devote their working time to their guests. Yes poor service still happens but a good FOH can turn a sticky situation around in an instant.

All in all, the hospitality industry can be hard work but there is a huge community element to it that makes up for the long days. There is a real camaraderie in hospitality and you can make mates for life. And the Tips don’t hurt either.

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