How to bounce back from a job rejection

How to bounce back from a job rejection

We’ve all been there, receiving the dreaded phone call or email telling you that unfortunately you haven’t been successful in your job application process. It’s the last thing that anyone wants to hear and it can often make people doubt their worth, or even make them feel like a failure. However, in reality, job rejection is something that happens to even the most successful and experienced individuals out there.

How you choose to respond to the gut-wrenching news is what really defines you and sets the path for the future of your job search. Here at Kiwi Recruitment, we’ve shared our insights on the best way to handle job rejection so that you can keep moving forward.

Be level-headed.

Just because you haven’t managed to be successful in your application doesn’t mean it’s a reflection of you or your personal accolades. Companies have many factors to consider when they are in the recruiting process.

Remaining level-headed in this situation is important. Many of the factors in which employers consider are never in your control. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that it is never a personal decision as to why you have been rejected.

Know that you’re not the only one.

Almost everyone that you know will have faced rejection for a job at some point in their lives. They’ve been there and will undoubtedly know how you are feeling. Why not ask someone with experience in this that you can share knowledge with? Reach out to them and don’t be ashamed of rejection.

LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with others in your industry; Connect with them, share your thoughts, and support one another. Many people will be in the same position as you and there will be ways in which you can help one another.

Be open to other opportunities.

Keeping your options open when looking for jobs is key. While you may have your heart set on a particular job, it’s important to still be applying for other roles that would still be suitable for you. This way if you are rejected from one application you still have a few others you may end up being successful in.

There will always be more than one option for you, so make sure you are exploring all of those options. You’ll find the landing for when you fall back from the rejection will be a lot softer this way.

Retain Composure

While it’s okay to feel disappointed, it is important to remain professional even in the face of rejection. Word can get around quickly in different industries and remaining professional, even when encountering rejection, can ensure you don’t negatively impact your success in future job opportunities. While you may not be right for this position, others may arise within the same company and they may think of you when these opportunities arise. Retaining your professional composure allows you to maintain the relationships you’ve built during the interview process.

What’s happened, has happened.

It’s important to accept the decision and move on from it. It is just part and parcel of life. Do your best to understand where you could have gone wrong and work on any feedback received.

Your next interview will be a new one, use your recent rejection as an opportunity to improve. Don’t forget to stay positive; There is a reason you are in the interview stage and that is because the company have seen something in you.

Asking for feedback.

Learning from feedback will shape you into a better person for future interviews, so why not politely ask them for some feedback?

Again, how you word this request is important. Bluntly asking “Why didn’t I get the job?” is unlikely to give you any feedback you can work with. Instead ask them what they think you could change or do differently in order to be a stronger candidate next time. This will give you an insight into what you need to improve on.

Not all companies are in the position to be able to provide feedback, usually due to the volume of candidates. There’s still no harm in asking, but if you do not get a response or they refuse, politely thank them for their time and move on.

Learn from the experience.

When dealing with job rejection, it’s good practice to reflect upon your own performance during the application process. What did you learn from the interview? Is there anything you would do differently next time?

It’s important that you are able to take ownership of any errors made. After all, getting it wrong is the first step to getting it right. Use this time of reflection to be honest with yourself because honesty in this situation is important, otherwise you’ll make the same mistakes again!

Surround yourself with good people 

There’s nothing worse than being on your own when dealing with this kind of rejection. It’s crucial you have people you trust that you can turn to when the rejection comes through to support you.

Have your time, release any emotions then get back out there with a brave face and stay positive! It won’t be this way forever and you will find that opportunity soon enough.

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