How to Create a Successful Cover Letter

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Cover letters are your first step to getting that dream job, so it’s important that you include the right information and keep it neat and to the point. At Kiwi Recruitment Agency in Sussex, we can help you with help on all aspects of the job search from finding the right role to aiding you with your interview prep. We know getting your cover letter right could be the deal maker to your job success.

First things first…

To begin with, you should specify what role you are applying for and where you found the job advertised. Simple.

The body of the letter

Your cover letter should complement your CV, so be careful about writing the exact information. Instead, you need to embellish the information, go into detail about your achievements at your previous workplace and why they would be suitable for this prospective job.

You also need to talk about why you are interested in the role – this could be because of the product they sell or the position itself seems attractive. This also gives you the chance to do some research into the company and tell them about why you would be a good match for the business.

How to finish off?

Reinforce your skills and why you would be a good fit for the company and the role. Remember to add contact information and, if you are currently in a job, it may be worthwhile to mention your notice period.

Keep your cover letter to the point—that means no rambling—and keep a positive tone. Remember to re-read your cover letter before sending, it may even be worthwhile to get a friend or family member to look over it before you send it off.

If you need assistance with your job search, you are in the right place. Our friendly team at Kiwi Recruitment Agency in Sussex can help you find the perfect position and give you advice on your cover letter. Get in touch today and start your search!

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