How to Make Your CV Stand Out!

Sometimes your job search can feel frustrating. We get it – you send out countless of CVs and you hear nothing back. It can be disheartening to say the least. That’s why at Kiwi Recruitment Consultants in West Sussex, we can help you create a punchy CV that is tailored to the job in question. Read on to see our CV Tips and how they can help you…

Keep It Relevant

As we have noted in an earlier blog, you need to keep your CV’s job experience relevant to the position at hand. Don’t believe that more experience will make you a better candidate, it’s about the quality, not quantity. So when you are applying for that office job, take out that summer spent as a bartender in Ayia Napa and keep it related to the brief (unless, it is a bar job—then go ahead!).

Keep It Lookin’ Good

People do judge a book by its cover and if your recruiter sees different coloured text, a change in font or chunky paragraphs, then they aren’t starting your CV on the right foot.

It’s important to keep your CV readable. Make your paragraphs short, add bullet points detailing the important duties of what your previous jobs entailed and keep it at a maximum of two A4 pages. This makes it easy to read for the recruiter and your CV appears punchier.
Keep It Clear

Remember to add your details right at the top—and nowhere else! Make sure this includes your full name, best contact number and e-mail address. You can add your birth date, but this isn’t necessary. If you want to come across tech-savvy, add your LinkedIn profile or Twitter handle at the top, but only—and we repeat, only—add these if they are showcasing the best of you and have no swearing or opinions that may cause controversy. However, you get top marks if you retweet/repost articles and topics that are relevant to the recruiter’s vocational field.

Keep It Positive

Never add why you left a job on a CV. It’s irrelevant and if the recruiter wants to know, they will ask. Keep your CV positive and enthusiastic, express what you enjoyed about the job you previously worked at (even though you might not have) and what invaluable experiences you learnt from that role.

Keep it Professional

One of our last CV tips is for you to remember to add good references at the bottom. Usually, these should be from your last two jobs or if you are fresh from school or university, you can add a lecturer. Try and keep your references professional and if you left your previous job on bad terms, we don’t advise you to add your ex-supervisors contact details.

At Kiwi Recruitment Consultants in West Sussex, we are dedicated in finding you the best temporary or permanent job roles that are suited to your lifestyle. Register with us today and we can help you with the next step in your career.

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