How to Prepare the Workplace for Generation Z

How to Prepare the Workplace for Generation Z

With more than one-third of the world’s population counting themselves as Generation Z, this generation of people are fast and upcoming within the workforce. Generation Z accounts for those roughly born between 1995 – 2010. As they now start to finish their education and look to enter the working world, let’s take a look at how Generation Z can benefit your team and how you can attract them to your workplace.

Generation Z are Eager to work:

Many of this generation are all too familiar with rejection. Especially when it comes down to not having the required amount of experience for a role. It can be increasingly frustrating when no one will give them a chance. Therefore, this generation is grateful for any opportunities that arise. Generation Z won’t hesitate when it comes to gaining valuable career experience, even if it is in the form of an (unpaid) internship or volunteering. As long as they can learn and build on their future, Generation Z will be interested.

Emphasise job security and growth opportunities

Gen Z is very aware of the way workforce needs are rapidly changing and with most of Generation Z being fresh out of University, many have acquired significant student debts. Having schemes aimed at helping new employees get a firm handle on their finances and increasing their stability can be a big selling point to Generation Z. Not only this, but this generation have also seen and experienced the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy with the closure of many shops and businesses. Therefore, job security is an important factor that will influence and attract the Gen Z to a job position.


Due to the long-term exposure to technology from a young age, Gen Z tend to be renowned and more efficient when it comes to computers and technology. This generation rely on technology more than any other demographic. They are taught coding, computer science, as well as core ICT skills throughout school. This has produced a generation that will adapt faster to learning new technology and processing online information.

For this reason, Generation Z will have an expectation for fast and up-to-date technology within the workplace. Having this up to date and latest technology will attract this generation and make them more interested in your job opportunity.

Social Media

Gen Z have been immersed in a social media orientated world. It is a key aspect of their daily life, for both communication and entertainment. To connect with younger audiences, companies need to stay in tune with social media and hiring someone adept in this language and algorithm is key.

With the power that social media holds, having a good online presence leaves a lot to be desired. Having specific social media roles for your company will immediately pique the interest of Generation Z. Your company will also benefit from the reach and connections of social media.


Being the most diverse generation of them all, diversity and inclusion will be an integral part of the workforce. As a general rule, this is a generation that’s known for being open-minded and deeply invested in diversity and inclusivity. Education in schools has expanded and put more emphasis on anti-discrimination and accepting those from all backgrounds, regardless of race, gender, age or beliefs. Being able to shine a spotlight on your diversity and inclusion efforts is another way to encourage Gen Z into your company.

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