I Hate My Job: Signs You’re In The Wrong Role

I Hate My Job: Signs You’re In The Wrong Role

A recent study has found that over 47 per cent of employees in UK want to change their career, meaning that despite workers not enjoying their job, they are not leaving their position. If you’re constantly saying “I hate my job” then it’s possible you are in the wrong career. We know that sounds like an obvious statement, but a lot of employees put up with jobs that they don’t enjoy—and all for the wrong reasons.

At Kiwi Recruitment Agency in West Sussex, we understand that being in the right role is crucial to your livelihood. Your job is where you spend a good chunk of your day, so you need to feel comfortable, confident and find enjoyment from your role. These are some of the top signs that you’re in the wrong position:

Top Signs You’re In The Wrong Role

You’re Staying Because Of The Money

We all want a good wage, however salary shouldn’t be the sole reason that you go to work. You need to enjoy and feel comfortable at your job, even if the work isn’t the most interesting, but you have a good group of colleagues that you like working with.

If you don’t have job satisfaction and you’re not mixing well with the people, then we suggest you actively search for somewhere that can provide you with the right balance of money and work life. At Kiwi, we can help you with that.

You’re Not Gaining New Skills

One of the great things about getting a new job is the challenge the role will bring. This could mean learning new skills or having to take yourself out of your comfort zone. If you’re feeling like you’re not progressing or learning, this can make you feel undervalued, or even worse, bored.

You’re Not The Right Fit

If you’re getting poor feedback or feeling that you can’t complete tasks without help, then maybe you’re not in the right position. You might be able to change roles at your company or it may be a case that the type of work the company does is not suitable to your natural skillset. Don’t fret and don’t take it personally. Instead, ensure that you are actively searching for a new career path and find something that you are passionate about.

You’re Not Happy With Your Boss

If you’ve lost respect for your manager or boss, this can be a crucial factor to how you view your job. Whether you feel that your superior is inadequate at their job or they are creating a difficult working environment, then this could be time to move on—or, if you are brave enough, speak to them directly about what is making you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t suffer in silence! At Kiwi Recruitment Agency in West Sussex, we have experience in finding temporary roles where you can learn valuable skills to finding your dream job where you can forge a new career. If you are finding yourself complaining about your position and regularly googling “I hate my job”, get in touch today and we will provide support and make your job search is as convenient as possible.

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