The Ice Rink has arrived just in time for Christmas!

The Ice Rink has arrived just in time for Christmas!

Initially, the placement of the Ice rink, located in Priory Park, Chichester; was argued to be an inappropriate location for the attraction. Councillors raised concerns about whether the site was the correct location, due to the impact it would have on residents. They also questioned if an alcohol licence would be appropriate. Overwhelming support from locals and the Chichester Observer readership proved otherwise. A resounding 3,300 people (91 per cent), voted in favour of the chosen location, compared to just 347 against. And so, the Chichester ice rink was granted approval on the 14th November.  A sigh of relief, as the launch was planned for 30th November! And now, Chichester is the proud temporary home to CHICE, which will run into January.

There has been a slight delay with the more pleasant tasks such as decorating the venue and securing vendors. Though the setting has plenty of potential and promises to be, a superb venue. Great care has also been taken to consider the neighbours. The organisers have made significant investment on soundproofing equipment, including baffles for the generators and acoustic matting. And boy are those restrictions next level! The decibel limit has been set to 45DB, meaning the CHICE Team certainly have their work cut out for them. 

Breaking the ice

The Site Manager has even gone so far as to hand out his personal mobile number to the residents, in a bid to promptly handle any concerns that may arise. So, do not be disheartened with the lack of tinsel and trees, be rest assured everything is being done behind the scenes to ensure this festive treat can stay the duration.

Some of the neighbours however are truly delighted with the arrival of the ice rink. With guests arriving from worldwide destinations such as South Africa, the attraction has been approved as providing something extra special for the city this Christmas.

So Kiwi Recruitment were able to head down to Priory park and have a quick nosey around CHICE, where Greg, the Site Manager excitedly told us all about what is to come and what is available.

Skating to victory for family fun! 

Fenwick’s have taken up residency within the ice-rink and have a spacious soft play area for the children to enjoy. Meaning the parents grab a bite to eat and relax. Outside, there is a bar, coffee van and BBQ to enjoy with heated, undercover seating.

The Ice-rink can take as many as 160 skaters at a time, monitored by safety marshals. There are lockers available to hire for £2.00 so guests can stash their belonging away and enjoy a 45-minute session on the Ice. (FYI – It is real ice!).

Afterwards, you can take a festive selfie with your mates, instantly printed for just £1.00! A wonderful family setting during the day, with a more mature approach to the evenings as the licensed bar will be serving mulled wine. One to try at the beginning of a night out, rather than the end!

Celebrate with loved ones this Christmas

If you are looking for something extra special to do on Christmas Eve and even New Year’s Eve, CHICE have been permitted extended opening hours! On Christmas Eve, the rink can be open from 10am to 11:30pm. On New Year’s Eve the rink is licensed to be open until 1am on New Year’s Day. Otherwise, the rink will be open daily from 10 am to 10:30pm until the time comes to say goodbye on January 6th.

So please do head down to experience this fabulous attraction over the next 5 weeks – we are so lucky to have it! Tickets can be booked via


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