Is There Life After University?

Is There Life After University?

If that title is as hard for you to read as it was for me to write, I’ve been there, buddy. The photo accompanying this article is of me and my class on graduation day. What you can’t see in the photo is the tears we are all hiding at the daunting prospect of starting *proper* adulthood.

University is a really fun time in your young life, there’s no denying it. Yes, it’s challenging and tough in a lot of ways, but it’s also a great way to socialise. At uni, you can live out your adulthood dreams without any of the responsibility of actual adulthood. So what happens when the party’s over? Do we all just turn to dust and bury ourselves in the endless amount of traffic cones you’ve inevitably collected during your uni years? We spoke to Chichester University’s Liz George, Head of Employability, on what on earth it is you’re supposed to do after university. Here’s what she had to say:

The majority of university careers and employability services offer their graduates/alumni help and guidance as they seek future work or guidance . Universities will have their own agreements of how long they will continue to support their alumni. 
As alumni of the University of Chichester you may use the Careers and Employability Service for as long as you need us. You have free access to staff and our resources, you’re welcome to attend our careers and recruitment events, meet employers when they come on campus and sign up for tailored job alerts on our Careers and Jobs Portal,
Book an appointment with one of our professionally trained Careers Consultants. Whatever your situation you are welcome to book to talk through any aspect of your career plans through Talk with us in person, or we can phone you, Skype or have an email discussion. Please email us your query via [email protected].

If you are local, visit the Careers Centre in Chichester LRC 9 – 4pm or the Careers Corner in Bognor 1 – 3 every weekday. There is no need to book but come with quick queries, questions about searching for jobs or how to tailor your applications. Advisers may show you job recruitment sites and advise you on setting out a CV to look professional.
Business start-up. Thinking of going freelance or starting your own business? There are experts in the Business School to help you with that too.
As a graduate there is no requirement to pursue a career directly related to your degree subject, in fact research shows that 70% + of national vacancies for graduate do not require a particular degree subject. 
Having a second class degree is acceptable to many companies, they are keen to look at the wider activities you have been involved in and skills you have developed during your learning. Ultimately they want to know you are willing and able to do the job they have promoted and will be looking at your application and during the interview to find great evidence of this.

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