Kiwi Director has Presidential Midas Touch!

It’s well-known that our Director Brendon Cook has the Midas touch when it comes job recruitment in West Sussex, but now did you know he is also the president of the BNI Midas Chapter in Bognor Regis? A proactive network of local businesspeople who help increase each other’s companies by referrals.

How does it work? The BNI Midas Chapter is a committed group of people who know how to refer business to one another. You’ll attend one of the meetings, talk about your company and the unique services and products you provide. Through attending, you aren’t only referring your company to the BNI Midas Chapter members, but the aim is that they will be carrying your business cards and referring you to their friends, giving you the best marketing for your business—word of mouth—or as the BNI Midas Chapter call it, “Givers Gain.”

What is special about this network is that they are a dynamic group of professionals who all bring their unique business backgrounds to the group, but the network only has one member to represent a specific category. For example, if the network doesn’t have a member from a Building and Construction business, a builder can apply and then the group would be referring that builder and their company to the people they know. This way of helping other business’ is an ethos that Kiwi Recruitment Agency stands by, as we believe that supporting local business is essential.

Brendon is committed to BNI Midas Chapter and being their president, as he believes it’s important to keep local business in West Sussex connected and making sure that these companies grow.

“I’ve happily been a member of Bognor BNI Midas Chapter for just over two years. We’ve benefitted greatly from attending this proactive and friendly networking group. Kiwi Recruitment now works with many of the group’s members and it gives us a sense of pride when we are able to refer their work to others.”

We believe that it’s important to keep in touch with businesses locally so we can provide the best recruitment service in West Sussex that help local companies evolve. If your business needs any advice on recruiting—or maybe you’re looking for a service that the BNI Midas Chapter can help you with—please get in contact today.

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BrendonKiwi Director has Presidential Midas Touch!

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