New Year Career Resolutions

New Year Career Resolutions

When a new year comes around, we tend to reflect on the last year, consider what worked well and what we would like to change for the year ahead. This applies to your career, especially if you have come to dread Monday mornings. At Kiwi Recruitment we can support you in finding your dream job. All you need is to make some new career resolutions.

Update your CV!

Before thinking about applying for a new job, remember to give your CV a refresher. It may be the case that you haven’t looked at your CV since the last time you job searched, so there is no doubt you will have acquired new skills and experiences that are worth mentioning.

Be Social Media Ready!

We have written an in depth blog about social media previously and we’ll say it again – keep it clean, keep it professional…or else, keep it private. If you are looking to be hired, make sure your social media is, too.

Take a course!

Add to your skills and education by taking a free course that could make you stand out from the crowd. In this climate, digital skills such as learning Javascript or Photoshop is incredibly desirable – plus, there are plenty of free courses on the internet where you can learn these skills.

Be proactive!

From networking to clearing out the darkest corners of your inbox, be proactive. Think about the career you want and how that can be achieved. Research organisations that you most admire and learn from other entrepreneurs/role models within your field. This can only make you better and well-informed.

Do you need help with your career resolutions? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Kiwi Recruitment team in West Sussex. With our experience and knowledge, we can catapult your career in the right direction.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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