New Year

New Year, New Job?

Happy new year! We can’t believe it’s already 2020, time goes quickly, eh? Kiwi Recruitment warmly welcomes you to the year 2020. What will this year hold for you?

The team here at Kiwi have a long list of new year’s resolutions: From eating healthier to writing a diary, there’s lots going on here!

New year’s resolutions are said to have religious roots, with some citing Babylonians as the origin. At the start of each year, Babylonians would make promises to their Gods that they would pay debts and return borrowed items.

The idea of new year’s resolutions gained popularity after the Great Depression. The popularity of resolutions continued to rise, with changes made at the start of the year more likely to be successful than those made at any other time of year.

If, like so many people out there, you aim to find a job in the new year, get in touch with one of our recruitment agents today. You can send your CV to [email protected] and just like that, your job search has started! Alternatively, pop into our agency for a friendly chat with one of our recruitment agents.

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