Jenny Oliva

I have been with Kiwi for 3 years, having been in the industry for many years (which I entered almost by accident!). I have developed my experience in most specialisms and can, therefore, offer my clients a full consultative service across a broad range of their business and across all departments.


As I say, my career in Recruitment happened almost by accident. I was looking to change jobs and I either wanted to be an overseas Holiday Rep or a Recruitment consultant. I was using the services of a recruitment company at the time as I was looking to change jobs and knew I could do a much better job than the consultant I was working with, and so I did!


For 2018, I want to continue with the same success my career has afforded me and to get more involved operationally with Kiwi so I can pass on my knowledge and experience to new team members as we continue to grow.

If I could do anything, where money and time are no object, I would be involved in Primatology working closely with Gorillas and Chimps!

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