Marc Hill

As a new addition to the Kiwi Team, I am heading up the Automotive Division specialising in the acquisition of vacancies and candidates within the Automotive Industry, Nationwide.


Unlike Kiwi Recruitment’s usual location perimeters, I have already established strong working connections across the UK.  Reputable for my approach to placements; I am passionate about securing reliable and relevant candidates. I have a careful selection process which ensures I can deliver fast results, with precision.


My Career highlight to date has really been the task of building my desk from the ground up. I can take a step back and see exactly what I have achieved and what I need to continually focus on to remain amongst the top recruiters in the Automotive Service & Sales Industry. In 2018 my main goal is to build upon the already very successful Business and to develop and manage my fantastic team of recruiters.

I have always found myself to be a natural leader and therefore I enjoy recruitment as I can really flex my Management skills. My ability to source practical solutions to complex situations certainly keeps me interested!

If time and money were no object, I would set up a Kiwi office in Dubai on the beach, and I’d park my Ferrari in reception.


BrendonMarc Hill