Press 3 If You’re Australian…

In a digital world where everything is available at the touch of a button, Kiwi Recruitment—our West Sussex Recruitment Agency—can easily be found. Whether you need to get in touch through our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or our website—we’re just a click away from helping you find a job or offering our recruitment services for your business. However, if you prefer the more personal touch, you can also give us a ring (I know, how old school!). We promise it’s worth it though, just to hear our automated telephone menu…

The reason behind the name of Kiwi Recruitment is down to our Director, Brendon Cook. Brendon has lived in Chichester for nearly five years, but originally he comes from one of the world’s paradise that is known as New Zealand.

As you may have heard, there’s always been a friendly rivalry between New Zealand and Australia—I mean, we can’t help it if New Zealand are better at Rugby Union…or every other sports for that matter…and it’s not NZ’s fault that they invented the delicacy that is Pavlova first, while Australians try and claim it as their own. So please if you are Australian (or you can pretend that you’re Australian), press 3 on our phone system and find out what happens!

Although, you don’t have to be Australian to give us a ring. Call up and let us know what you’re looking for in a job—or if you’re a company, what you are searching for in a candidate. We promise to give you honest and helpful advice on the best route to take—even if you are Australian!

Now, if you’re wanting to be old, old school, you can write to our West Sussex Recruitment Agency or pop into our offices for a chat. Although this method isn’t as fun as ringing us, we still ensure to help your recruitment needs.

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BrendonPress 3 If You’re Australian…

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