Recruitment Trends Post Covid-19

Recruitment Trends Post Covid-19

Recruitment trends post covid

Following the recent removal of all covid-19 limitations in England, the majority of recruiting managers are currently seeing an increase in applications. With this in mind,  Kiwi Recruitment is hard at work assisting clients with their staffing needs. Every week, we update and add many new job openings. With the two-year anniversary of the first national lockdown arriving in March, we begin to plan for life after the pandemic and look ahead to some of the workplace and recruitment themes that will dominate the remainder of 2022.


Temporary work

Temporary jobs will continue to be popular. Many people have grown accustomed to their stay-at-home lifestyle. While the limits are no longer in place, we cannot predict the future because many things are uncertain. With that in mind, temporary work appears to be a growing trend. When businesses are unsure about the market’s future and what might happen, they often prefer to hire non-permanent employees.

Hybrid work

After the pandemic, working from home will become the new normal for many businesses. Even if there are no limits, many people will be hesitant to return to work after two years of being advised to “Stay at Home.” Since the initial dread and terror of having our normal working pattern disturbed, we have all achieved balance as the months have passed. Working from home 2-3 days a week, known as hybrid working, is gaining traction among many individuals and businesses. Many businesses may seek to ease their employees back into their regular routines, and this strategy will also help to create a more environmentally friendly environment. By minimising the number of employees going to and from the office, hybrid working will ensure that firms use less office space and reduce their carbon impact.

More inclusive workforce

A wave of racial justice movements coincided with the coronavirus outbreak. Protesting inequity faced by minority communities. As a result, diversity and inclusion are appreciated more than ever in our society, and this trend continues in the workplace.

Many organisations will focus on creating more inclusive working climates in 2022. These initiatives are critical for attracting and retaining top people on your team. Recruiters may help with this phase by providing a varied pool of applicants from a variety of industries that are wanting to hire. Recruiters will be able to restructure hiring practises because of this, reducing bias and reflecting a commitment to inclusiveness.

Social media

Prior to the pandemic, this trend was actually on the rise (was there ever a time?). Almost 85% of businesses claim to have actively used a social media platform for recruitment. LinkedIn, to be specific. Using these sites allows you to reach a wider audience. Businesses may use these platforms to not only publicise job openings, but also to create connections with applicants through content that proactively engages them.

In an increasingly competitive industry, recruitment has progressed beyond traditional face-to-face procedures and adapted to alternate sourcing. Employers may use social media platforms to find qualified employees with suitable talents, experience, and qualifications by using social algorithms. You may not only raise brand awareness and promote your employer brand, but you can also advertise specific job openings to audiences who may not be aware they are looking for a new job until they see your ad.

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