Recruitment Trends Post Pandemic

Recruitment Trends Post Pandemic

With businesses starting to open again and lockdown restrictions beginning to ease as of Monday, the majority of hiring managers are now receiving more than double the applicants to their roles! With that in mind, Kiwi Recruitment are busy working with clients on their resourcing requirements. We have many new vacancies being updated and added every week. With March marking one year since the first national lockdown, we begin to prepare for life after the pandemic and we take a look at some of the workplace and recruitment trends set to feature throughout the rest of 2021.

Temporary Work Increase

Temporary work will be a continued trend. Many have gotten comfortable in their stay-at-home bubble. While restrictions are looking to ease, we can’t predict the future and many things are unpredictable. With that in mind temporary work is looking to be a continued active trend. Many companies feel more comfortable employing non-permanent staff when they are unsure about the future of the market and what may happen. 


Working from home will become the new normal for many companies after the pandemic.Even as restrictions begin to ease and it becomes once again safe to return to the office, many will feel hesitant in going back to work after almost 2 years of constantly being told to “Stay at Home”. As the months have progressed through lockdown, we have all found balance since the initial fear and panic of having our usual working routine disrupted. Hybrid working, working from home 2-3 days a week, is looking to take up a more permanent place among many businesses and employees. Many companies will be looking to become to ease their workforce back into their routine and this approach will also create a more environment-friendly atmosphere. Hybrid working will ensure that businesses are using less office space and reducing their carbon footprint with reducing the number of employees commuting to and from the office.

More Inclusive Workforce

Coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic was a wave of racial justice movements. Protesting the inequities that minority groups face. As a result, diversity and inclusion are more actively valued in our society than ever, and this continues over into the workplace. 

Looking into 2021, many businesses will focus on building more inclusive workplace cultures. These initiatives are key to recruiting and keeping the best talent on your team. Recruiters will be able to assist in this step by delivering a diverse selection of candidates throughout many industries who looking to recruit. Through this, recruiters will have the opportunity to restructure hiring processes to reduce bias and reflect commitment to inclusion. 

Social Media 

This trend was actual on the upswing prior to the pandemic (was there ever a time?). Almost 85% of companies have said that they have used a Social Media platform for recruiting successfully. Namely LinkedIn. Using these platforms create a larger reach to audiences. Businesses can not only advertise a job opening on these platforms but can also use them to build relationships through content that proactively engage candidates.

Recruitment has advanced from the usual face to face employment methods and adapted to the alternative sourcing in an increasingly competitive market. Using social media platforms allows employers to target skilled individuals with relevant skills, experience and qualifications through social algorithms. You can not only build brand awareness and promote your employer brand as well as advertise particular vacancies, appearing to audiences who may not even realise they want a new job until they see your ad.

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