Rise Of Brits Working Abroad

Rise Of Brits Working Abroad

The number of British workers who have migrated to work abroad has increased over the last three decades. Australia and Spain hold the 2 top destinations – followed by the US, Canada and Ireland.

Figures from the UN show that the UK expat population has been steadily growing over the past thirty years with 4.9m British citizens residing in other countries in 2017 – up from 3.8m in 1990’ – The telegraph

Aside from just the desire to experience a foreign culture – below are some other common factors behind this growth.

Learning a new language

Being able to put that you are bilingual on a CV is a valued skill that will lead to more opportunities. These are not limited to being a translator or cabin crew –  More companies than ever are seeking workers who can speak other languages due to the increase of businesses operating across international platforms. On the other hand, English speaking ability is also very much sought after in other countries, making working abroad a prospect filled with opportunity.

Personal Growth

Travel broadens the mind and often brings individuals out of their comfort zone. Some studies show that people who have worked abroad are more creative in their work and have a more original approach to ideas compared to those who have not. Whilst travelling in itself can hinder career progress due to gaps on the CV, working abroad enhances your work history as well as showing self-confidence and independence to future employers.

Advancements in Technology Within the Recruitment Process

Being able to secure a job before relocating was once deemed a near impossible task. However, due to the advancements of technology, it is no longer a necessity for employers to conduct face to face interviews. Facetime or Skype interviews are becoming more popular – saving time and travel expenes.

Building an International Network

Working abroad is a great way to build your network internationally. Business networking doesn’t have to be confined to formal events and functions in your local area – anyone could potentially help you progress in your career. One of the benefits of networking internationally is gaining a much broader spectrum in terms of job opportunity and building a wider support network of people.

Filling Skill Shortages

University graduates in particular, or those on a gap year often undertake volunteer work abroad as a means to travel whilst also making valuable contributions.

In countries which suffer skill shortages, it can be be gratifying for someone to put their expertise to use.  According to the Australian government, the country lacks workers in childcare occupations, as well as construction and engineering. The number of jobs available, combined with its beautiful scenery, makes it no surprise that it remains the top destination for Brits to undertake work in.

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