Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup

The 20th September is approaching, which means so is the Rugby World Cup! *Cue cheers and sounds of beer glasses clinking together* The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be hosted by Japan. As our Managing Director is a Kiwi (Whaaaat? The MD of Kiwi Recruitment is from New Zealand? No way), we will be supporting the New Zealand team as well as England.

New Zealand will be taking on South Africa on Saturday 21st September at 10:45 (UK time) for their first match. After this, the New Zealand matches will be as follows:

  • Wednesday 2nd October – New Zealand V Canada (16:45)
  • Sunday 6th October – New Zealand V Namibia (13:45)
  • Saturday 12th October – New Zealand V Italy (13:45)

England’s matches, on the other hand, are as follows:

  • Sunday 22nd September – England V Tonga (11:15)
  • Thursday 26nd September – England V USA (11:45)
  • Saturday 5th October – England V Argentina (9:00)
  • Saturday 12th October – England V France (9:15)

The rugby world rankings are constantly changing, but you can keep up to date here.

New Zealand have three consecutive players featured in the All Time Player Stats Board: Daniel Carter, Grant Fox and Andrew Mehrtens. Mehrtens has scored a total of 163 points, Fox a total of 170, whilst Daniel Carter is 4th on the scoreboard at 191 total points scored. New Zealand tie with Australia in having the most players on the board (3), whilst England’s Jonny Wilkinson comes in at the top, having scored an impressive 277 points.

HOWEVER – might we interject – not only is England number one on the All Time Player Stats Board, New Zealand is number one on the All Time Team Stats. New Zealand has scored a whopping total of 2,302 points, with Australia coming in second with 1,645 points.

Anyhow, this season looks to be exciting, and we can’t wait for it to start!

Find the entire match schedule below.

0 Friday, Sept. 20 Opening Ceremony
1 Friday, Sept. 20 A Japan vs. Russia
2 Saturday, Sept. 21 D Australia vs. Fiji
3 Saturday, Sept. 21 C France vs. Argentina
4 Saturday, Sept. 21 B New Zealand vs. South Africa
5 Sunday, Sept. 22 B Italy vs. Namibia
6 Sunday, Sept. 22 A Ireland vs. Scotland
7 Sunday, Sept. 22 C England vs. Tonga
8 Monday, Sept. 23 D Wales vs. Georgia
9 Tuesday, Sept. 24 A Russia vs. Samoa
10 Wednesday, Sept. 25 D Fiji vs. Uruguay
11 Thursday, Sept. 26 B Italy vs. Canada
12 Thursday, Sept. 26 C England vs. United States
13 Saturday, Sept. 28 C Argentina vs. Tonga
14 Saturday, Sept. 28 A Japan vs. Ireland
15 Saturday, Sept. 28 B South Africa vs. Namibia
16 Sunday, Sept. 29 D Georgia vs. Uruguay
17 Sunday, Sept. 29 D Australia vs. Wales
18 Monday, Sept. 30 A Scotland vs. Samoa
19 Wednesday, Oct. 2 C France vs. United States
20 Wednesday, Oct. 2 B New Zealand vs. Canada
21 Thursday, Oct. 3 D Georgia vs. Fiji
22 Thursday, Oct. 3 A Ireland vs. Russia
23 Friday, Oct. 4 B South Africa vs. Italy
24 Saturday, Oct. 5 D Australia vs. Uruguay
25 Saturday, Oct. 5 C England vs. Argentina
26 Saturday, Oct 5 A Japan vs. Samoa
27 Sunday, Oct. 6 B New Zealand vs. Namibia
28 Sunday, Oct. 6 C France vs. Tonga
29 Tuesday, Oct. 8 B South Africa vs. Canada
30 Wednesday, Oct. 9 C Argentina vs. United States
31 Wednesday, Oct. 9 A Scotland vs. Russia
32 Wednesday, Oct. 9 D Wales vs. Fiji
33 Friday, Oct. 11 D Australia vs. Georgia
34 Saturday, Oct. 12 B New Zealand vs. Italy
35 Saturday, Oct. 12 C England vs. France
36 Saturday, Oct 12 A Ireland vs. Samoa
37 Sunday, Oct. 13 B Namibia vs. Canada
38 Sunday, Oct. 13 C United States vs. Tonga
39 Sunday, Oct. 13 D Wales vs. Uruguay
40 Sunday, Oct. 13 A Japan vs. Scotland
41 Saturday, Oct. 19 QF1: W Pool C vs. RU Pool D
42 Saturday, Oct. 19 QF2: W Pool B vs. RU Pool A
43 Sunday, Oct. 20 QF3: W Pool D vs. RU Pool C
44 Sunday, Oct. 20 QF4: W Pool A vs. RU Pool B
45 Saturday, Oct. 26 SF1: W QF1 vs. W QF2
46 Sunday, Oct. 27 SF2: W QF3 vs. W QF4
47 Friday, Nov. 1 Bronze final
48 Saturday, Nov. 2 Final

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