Say Hello to the New Baby Kiwi!

jesse 1At Kiwi Recruitment in West Sussex, we like to keep everyone in the know about what’s happening in our company—as this is a part of our honest customer service. However, we would also like to take this opportunity to let you all know about some great news we’ve recently had—our Managing Director, Brendon Cook, has become a Father again!

That’s right— a little baby Kiwi (also known as Jesse)—has been brought into the world last July and is a Sunday child! We think he’s absolutely adorable and wish Brendon and his wife hearty congratulations.

When asking Brendon what it’s like to be a Father for the second time, he said: “I’m absolutely over the moon. My wife Lisa is doing fine and Jesse’s sister is delighted to have a little brother she can take care of.”

“Now, I’m just waiting until Jesse is old enough so I can show him the ropes of barbequing and he can be a BBQ King just like his Dad!”
jesse 2
Brendon is a perfect example of a busy working Father who finds a balance of dedicating his time to his business and his family. He started his recruitment agency because of his passion to help local businesses thrive and he does this by finding the right candidates for their company. Recruiting employees can take time, as you have to rifle through plenty of CVs—and in today’s job climate, we know that these applications can go into the hundreds!

From the amount of dedication Brendon has put into his business, we know that little Jesse has a very fun and supportive Daddy ready to get stuck into 3am feeds and nappy changing!


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BrendonSay Hello to the New Baby Kiwi!

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