Secrets of the Sectors: Charity

Secrets of the Sectors: Charity

The charity sector is for those philanthropic individuals who have a desire to improve society in some shape or form.

The sector covers a broad range of other industries, from accountancy and finance, to retail and social care. Work within the field of charity is not always the hands-on stuff, though. Charities still operate similarly to businesses in that they need accountants, project managers, marketing executives, and a wide variety of other skilled roles.

If you’re looking to delve into a career in charity, there are a lot of companies out there to consider. WaterAid, British Red Cross, Mind, and Save the Children are just a few of the charities offering employment to graduates.

In smaller charities, you will often be required to have skills in many aspects of work. This is not such a problem with larger companies, however, who can afford to take on more people for the various roles.

Points to Consider

  • Jobs in the charity sector are often expected to be very hands-on. This is not always the case, as many jobs are in towns and cities in an office environment.
  • Workers in this sector can likely expect lower salaries than workers in the private sector.
  • A perk of working within a charity is that you are often offered flexible hours and the ability to work from home or work part-time.
  • Travel may be required for the job. Visiting individuals that the charity helps may be necessary either within the UK or abroad.
  • The charity sector can be stressful to work in when funds are low.
  • Workers of this field report great job satisfaction, often leaving you feeling like you are accomplishing something great.
  • There are many opportunities for progression within the field.
  • Good pension schemes are often offered, as well as flexible hours, generous annual and parental leave.

Should I study for a job in this sector?

Whilst it is not always necessary to have a degree in order to find a job within the charity sector, it can be helpful. Degrees related to subjects such as social work, finance, business, scientific research, IT, and medicine, are always helpful to charities. Additionally, you may be able to earn yourself a paid role by beginning as a volunteer for a charity, and proving your dedication to the cause.

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