Three Signs You Need Recruitment Help

Three Signs You Need Recruitment Help

Top Three Signs You Need Recruitment Help

Does recruiting new staff leave you feeling flustered? Are you unsure of the type of candidate your business needs? Or maybe you don’t have time? At Kiwi Recruitment in Chichester, we know employing staff is hard and sometimes you need recruitment help. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please contact your local recruitment company urgently and get them checked out…

Job Description Syndrome (JDS)


– Mind blanking
– Confusion, sometimes nausea, when deciding the best way to advertise job
– Broken computer screen (in severe cases of JDS)


A recruitment company can help you from the very start of your applicant search, so you can sit down (or phone us), think about the key things your company needs and let us do the searching to find a suitable employee for you. Don’t worry – if JDS is detected early, it can easily be preventable.

CV Overload(itus)


– Mild to acute headaches

– CVs scattered over your desk, in drawers, sometimes in the bin…
– Going to sleep at night and visualising words such as “customer service experience”, “punctual” and “hard working”


Don’t let CV Overloaditus get you down. Your local recruitment consultants can handle this for you and narrow down the piles of CVs to find the most suitable candidates for your company.

Stage One of the Interview Arrangement Virus


– Leaving it until last minute to arrange an interview
– …that’s it, really.


Don’t worry – this is a common disease and can easily be cured with a recruitment company. With our experience and organisational skills, we will make sure that every step of the recruitment process can be achieved in your proposed time frame, so we can help you hit your target and make sure you company is running smoothly.

If you feel that you’re suffering from any of these three signs, then your company needs recruitment help. Please get in touch with Kiwi Recruitment Consultants today. A friendly member of the Kiwi team will be happy to help and get you started on finding the best employees to compliment your company.

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