STAR Interview Technique

How to smash your next interview

Interviews can be intimidating, often nerves can get the better of you and as a result answers to the questions posed will be a rambling mess of buzzwords that do not demonstrate our skills and expertise quite as smoothly as your well thought out CV.

It happens to all of us… honest.

The wonderful thing about confidence is it can be developed, if you do not have it right now, you can build yours. We absolutely love this short video on boosting confidence. Here we share the most effective method we recommend using to answer interview questions, the STAR method. With practice, you can confidently arrive for job interviews knowing how to answer the questions posed, with calculated ease and grace.

So you’ve been on every Jobsite and visited the Jobcentre, you’ve sent a million emails and now you have your shot at an interview. You’ve researched the Company the interview is with, made a list of your accomplishments, strengths & weaknesses. You have considered the questions to ask at the end of the interview. So how do you construct the perfect answer to the interviewer’s questions?

Firstly you need to understand what is being asked of you. Listen to the question, then tell a short story that addresses the question with an eloquent response whereby you clearly possess the skills your potential new employer requires or if nothing else, shows you are willing to learn.

So what does STAR mean? It is 4 components of the perfect answer …





The STAR method enables you to paint a picture and really sell why you are the only person for the vacancy on offer. So to demonstrate how this interview technique works, let’s take a look at a typical question and how you might answer it.

“Can you describe a time where you have had to deal with conflict in the workplace?”

What is being asked – “How do you handle confrontation?”

The Interviewer is looking to see if you would handle a difficult situation professionally, if you would be a calming influence or kick off and walk out in a tense situation.

Situation – What was the situation? Keep it clear and to the point.

Task – What task would be required to diffuse the conflict?

Action – What action did you take?

Result – What was the result of your action?

Think of a time a disagreement has occurred in the workplace, if you are fresh out of education, it could be at College or University with a fellow student or Lecturer. If you yourself have been fortunate to not handle this particular situation, you can always admit this and create a hypothetical situation for the purpose of answering the question.

Even if the outcome wasn’t a positive one, you can always demonstrate what lesson you took from your experience and how you would handle it next time should a similar situation arise in the workplace.

Best of luck in your next interview … not that you’ll need it now you STAR!


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