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New Year, New You?

We all do it. The countdown to midnight has come and gone, the fireworks have finished, and someone’s uncle is still blaring Auld Lang Syne around the house; it is time to make your resolutions. We know the main ones: This year I’m going to lose that weight; This year I’m going to get more

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Wrong Career? Here is what you can do to change

Are you finding yourself in the wrong career? Maybe it is time for a change. Here at Kiwi Recruitment agency in Chichester we believe you should always be in a job that you love! We are here to give you our top tips in changing careers successfully. Changing career paths is a very scary thing


Calling all Students, Sign up with Kiwi Today!

Hello Students! Here at Kiwi Recruitment agency in Chichester, we have various jobs that can suit everyone. We know there’s often quite a lot of spare time in the life of a student, so why not put it to good use and earn some extra money? What better way to do so than temporary work