Technology Sector Numbers Soar

Technology Sector Numbers Soar

The growing number of jobs within the technology sector leads to record breaking statistics.

Technology Based Jobs Boom Across the U.K

Technology sector jobs in the country’s capital have gone up by 60% in the last 9 years. The Job role of IT Engineer saw the highest increase in the UK last year, a huge 33.7%. It is reported that an estimated 533,000 jobs in London are in the technology sector. However, this rise is not exclusive to London. Wales has recorded the highest rise in technology jobs since 2010, at 83%. Additionally, the North West has seen a 65% increase in jobs in the technology sector. The Office for National Statistics reports that an average of 1,000 technology sector jobs have been created every week over the last 5 years. It is unsurprising then, that within 5 cities in the UK, over 10% of the population are employed in technology-based jobs.

Companies Invest Thousands in Technology Sector Jobs

The Welsh government are investing over 650K in a budding tech firm. The firm is expected to pay an average of 48K a year to around 80 new employees – well over the average salary in Wales. However, the Welsh Government aren’t the only ones seeing the value in this growing sector. Belfast is expected to gain 80 jobs with an average salary of £30,000 being created from a technology firm. Northern Ireland’s Department for the Economy will donate £406,000 to the new jobs, showing the belief in the tech industries development. Facebook is due to create over 500 new technology jobs in its London offices. Additionally, technology centres are adding jobs to the UK at a fast rate. Research has found that around 1.7 million positions advertised throughout 2018 were across the UK’s 12 largest technology hubs. It is not just within the UK, however, that companies are seeing the potential in the UK’s tech industry. Global companies have announced that they plan to invest £1.2 billion in the UK’s tech industry.

London Tech Week

Technology jobs were brought to the forefront of news during the 9th to the 16th of June for London Tech Week. Keen to keep the UK’s title of Europe’s largest tech centre, the Prime Minister promised to fund £153 million to release the potential of quantum technologies. The Prime Minister also committed to begin a study into tech competitiveness to improve the industry and guarantee the UK remains the most attractive place to form a tech corporation.

Digital secretary Jeremy Wright has gone as far as to state that the tech economy is bigger than the hospitality and construction industry. Wright states that over 2.1 million people were working in the field of digital technology in 2018.

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