The Jobs That Dreams Are Made Of

The Jobs That Dreams Are Made Of

It can be super hard to get out of bed in the morning; In the middle of a good dream, entirely engrossed in the drama of your dream-self’s life that is inevitably much cooler than yours, before being rudely awakened by your alarm piercing your ear drums. How great would it be if your bed was your office – If the hardest part of your day entailed staying snuggled in bed? I’m here to deliver you news bound to make you grit your teeth with jealousy: There are people in the world who’s job is to stay in bed. Yup, some lucky people are PAID to test out beds. Earning around £16,500 a year for doing the thing you would literally do for free, these individuals are the envy of the best of us.

If the aforementioned job sounds appealing, wait until you hear this one: Paid Netflix Watcher. If you’re fortunate enough to score this job, you can look forward to chilling in your living room watching Netflix films and series without the guilty feeling that you should probably be doing work – watching Netflix will literally be your work. Sound good? Add to the attractive job description a salary of £16,000, and who can resist? Plus, you’ll save yourself the £8.99 a month you’ve been spending on your Netflix subscription, so there’s that, too.

If you’ve read to this point in the article and neither job has taken your fancy, you’re probably more of a thrill-seeker than a sit-at-home-and-chill kind of person. So how does this sound: ‘Water Slide Tester’? You will literally get to go down watersides all day every working day of the week and travel all around the world. If that doesn’t appeal to your inner child, what will? It pays decently, too. You can earn an average of £21,500 a year for refreshing your youthfulness and having fun at the same time.

Want something that screams ‘I have an incredible job and am the envy of all of my friends’ more than a Water Slide Tester? Try this one for size: Disney Imagineer. It doesn’t get much more fun than Disney. This job requires an engineer that has a fabulous imagination to invent ideas for Disney parks all over the globe. You could literally make a reality of the stuff 10 year old you dreamed of.

If none of the jobs above take your fancy, then I don’t know, try accounting or something.

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