The Local Recruitment Market

Being a new Recruitment Agency nowadays can be quite tough depending where you’re based and what area you specialize in. Here in the Chichester Area the Recruitment Market is very competitive with over 10 different recruitment agencies operating.

Chichester is full of opportunities for Recruitment with new businesses starting all the time as well as current businesses expanding. With the new year starting, more and more businesses have started looking for new/additional staff, however as Chichester is a relatively small town, each company have a recruitment agency that they use.

Starting up and trying to get new clients can be difficult however with so many competitive rates and different industries, businesses always keep an open mind when it comes to using recruitment agencies.

In the past few months we have seen an increase in jobs as well as the need of recruitment agencies compared to the beginning of last year. With new jobs becoming available each week, our forecast for the local recruitment market is that it is getting a lot more competitive and the demand for recruitment agencies is definitely going to increase.

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