Time to Update Your Title?

The rise in popularity of unique job titles.

Who’s getting bored of writing ‘Sales Assistant’ on their CV? Are you sick of ending your emails with ‘Website Manager’? Do you wish your job title wasn’t as boring as ‘Deputy Manager’? Well, apparently you’re not the only one!

With Apple’s ‘Genius’ sales assistants, and Honest Tea’s ‘TeaEO’ demonstrating how a witty job title can make a wave for your branding, should we all change up our titles?

Being a leading Recruitment Agency, Kiwi hear all sorts of job titles on a daily basis. This got us thinking, what if job titles had a bit more ‘pizzazz’? This might make jobs and candidates more memorable. What do you think?

Here are some of our favourite unusual job title ideas:

  • Talent Delivery Specialist – Recruitment Consultant
  • Conversation Architect – Digital Marketing Manager
  • Sales Superhero – Sales Assistant
  • Director of Making People Happy – Human Resource Manager
  • Beverage Dissemination Officer – Bartender
  • Wet Leisure Attendant – Lifeguard
  • Digital Overlord – Website Manager
  • Innovator-in-Chief – Marketing Manager
  • Digital Dynamo – Tech Support
  • Chief Everything Officer – Manager
  • Grand Master of Underlinings – Deputy Manager

Witty titles aside, what about these names that are legitimate job roles we’ve seen on the news? We’d love to be one of these! Which one would you want to be?

  • Penguinologist
  • Head of Elephants
  • Ranch Dressing Expert
  • Knitter-in-Residence
  • Extreme Unicyclist
  • Head of Potatoes
  • Chocolate Beer Specialist
  • CEO of Science
  • Dinosaur Supervisor
  • Parkour Specialist
  • Space Lawyer
  • Smarties Expert
  • Bread Scientist
  • Namer of Clouds
  • Professional Snuggler

Let us know what job role you’d want/what you’d like to rename your job in the comments over on our Facebook page!

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Kiwi RecruitmentTime to Update Your Title?

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