Top Tips on writing a good CV

Writing a CV can sometimes be stressful, even with looking at information on the internet some of us still find it hard to make our CVs.

We have given a talk on CVs and what makes them stand out on the 17th January at the “New Year, New You” Event in Chichester. Here are the Top Tips Brendon Cook gave on the talk:

  • Make sure your CV is divided up in sections such as Profile, Work Experience, Education and any Certificates that are relevant to the role you’re applying for;
  • Make sure your CV isn’t longer than 2 pages, however if you have a lot of work experience you can extend it to 3 pages;
  • The job you are looking for should be mentioned on the CV at least 3x to assure that your CV will come up in general searches;
  • Justify any gaps in employment as well as include all relevant dates of employment;
  • Responsibilities in previous jobs should be included to show what you have experience in;
  • Always check spelling;
  • The CV shouldn’t be messy, make it easy to read, easy to find information.

Those are just a few tips to help everyone in making their CV or improving their current one. We are also happy to help people write their CVs, just call 01243782763 to arrange an appointment!

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BrendonTop Tips on writing a good CV

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