We need to talk about the C word

Yeah we went there! #SorryNotSorry

As we write, there are currently 98 days until Christmas. This means 98 shopping days, 14 weekends of rush retail and less than 2 months until the party season officially begins, restaurants and bars fill to capacity and revellers take over into the New Year.

So, how does this affect you? Well, if you are looking for a seasonal position – now is the time! You can get your foot in the door as a Christmas temp in the retail or hospitality industry, make money in time for Christmas and pick up valuable key skills and experience. Now is the time to be applying! Why? Well …

Businesses! NOW is the time to recruit for your Christmas assistance, whether in retail or the hospitality industry – recruiting now secures you valuable time to train new staff and plan for a busy festive season! Continue to deliver superb service by taking the time to ensure you are hiring quality candidates and not rushing last minute to fill a position. Pretty much like doing your Christmas shopping at the Texaco on your drive home on Christmas Eve – just don’t do it.

Prepare, take care, pick the right position/candidate for you and ensure Christmas 2018 is a success!

If you are looking to earn extra cash this Christmas, register with us via

If you are a Business looking for the perfect candidates to support your Business over the Festive Season, contact us via 01243 782763 to discuss your specific requirements.

And, we know it is a little early – but hey – Merry Christmas!

Kiwi x

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BrendonWe need to talk about the C word

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