What Does A Candidate Driven Market Mean For Recruiters?

What Does A Candidate Driven Market Mean For Recruiters?

With unemployment levels dropping, the market has transformed over the last few years into a much more candidate driven one. The talent pool has grown by a large percentage, making companies competitive to one another in order recruit the best employee.

“Record levels of employment in the UK and the impact of Brexit are helping to shift the balance of power between employers and job candidates.

This move to an increasingly candidate driven market is forcing organisations to rethink the HR strategies and processes needed to stay competitive in today’s tough jobs market – Web on boarding

This changes the dynamic between job seekers and employers, meaning companies need to alter the way they manage the recruitment process in order to retain the most talented applicants. A candidate with a striking CV would now potentially face multiple job offers, making is essential for companies to introduce speedier onboarding processes. This includes everything from contracts, offer letters and general workplace admin. Delays in this area often keep the candidate waiting weeks before they can start, giving them more time to take up other offers.  

More opportunity also comes with higher expectations and standards, making job seekers in a stronger position than ever to negotiate their terms of employment. Companies need to initiate prompt and effective communications during this phase. If not, the candidate will likely be weighing up other options.

Selling the Job

Company branding plays an important role in a candidate driven market. At one time, it was the candidate’s job to sell themselves to a company; now it works both ways. The decision making process to take on a new role comes with many factors, and not just salary. Workplace environment and career progression are vital aspects that talented candidates will consider, making it important that organisations really sell themselves as a brand and the benefits of the role to attract the top talent. This can be achieved by displaying good ethics, values and treatment of staff, as well as optimizing job descriptions to outline perks of the company.  

Overall, a candidate driven market makes it more difficult for companies to hire and maintain candidate interest. If your business is struggling to fill positions or retain staff, Kiwi Recruitment can offer expert advice and consultation to help you grow. Our staff are trained on how to optimize job descriptions, decide on a salary, and can supply you with a number of exceptional candidates. Call 01243 782763 or email [email protected]

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