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Working from home can be challenging if you’re prone to distraction or being lazy. We’ve gathered some of our top tips for working away from the office that guarantee better productivity!

  • Build a work space – The mind works in mysterious ways, and by associating one area with work, you’ll end up being more productive in that space. Working in an area which your mind already associates with down-time will only kick-start your subconscious into relaxing.
  • Set your hours – Make sure you know the hours that you will be working. Being unsure of your hours will make it easier for you to say ‘Ahh, i’ll take a break now’ after only working for a short while. Give yourself set hours and tasks so you know exactly when you will take your breaks.
  • Exercise – It can be draining sitting down at a desk and concentrating for long periods of time. Refresh yourself with a quick bit of exercise every so often. Consider doing yoga in your front room to clear your head.
  • Avoid distractions – Friends, family and pets can be great fun to be around, but they’ll probably end up distracting you during working hours. Try to avoid these distractions by working in a specific work space and asking people not to disturb you during particular hours. Additionally, stay of social media! It will only prevent you from getting things done and mean you’ll have more work to do later.
  • Planners and to do lists – Oh the dreaded to do lists! We know they can be tough to stick to, but by beginning each day with a clear list of tasks you want to achieve, you’ll be more likely to stay on track. Plus, it always feels great crossing a job off the list upon completion!
  • Eat healthy food – We know it’s tempting to eat unhealthy snacks like chocolate bars or crisps, but these foods will only ultimately make you feel sluggish.

We hope these tips work for you! Got any top working from home tips you want to share with us? Send them to our Facebook page here

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