How to Customise your CV for a specific role

How to Customise your CV for a specific role

Kiwi Recruitment in Chichester always looks out for the best way to help our candidates land their dream job, and one of those ways is to customise your CV to the role you want to get. As recruiters, we search through various candidate talent pools, over different job boards, which means we see very many different CVs across the internet.

Here is our top tip:

Mention the role as much as you can

When it comes to searching for the right candidate, we start by searching for the job role that we are looking to fill. We look out for relevant skills for the job role as well as any previous experience in that field. One of the best ways to get your CV to be viewed is to have the role in your CV as much as you can. Mention it in your profile, your experience (if you have done it previously) or if not then make sure to list as many relevant skills as you have that can be linked to that job role.

Many candidates fail to sell themselves when it comes to their CV, and a lot of the time is in their personal statement and their job responsibilities descriptions. Sometimes it is better to keep updating your CV whilst you are working so then you won’t be missing out any valuable responsibilities or skills from that role. That way it is easy to customise as you send it out to potential employers.

We know sometimes writing your CV can be very hard and your mind just gets blocked, however there are many resources online that can help you have the best CV out there!

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