Kiwi Recruitment is the fresh and friendly approach to recruitment. We make the extra effort to really get to know our candidates and clients to help find and match the perfect role. We supply various industries and we are proud to have a GLA Licence (KIWI0003)

How we work


Here at Kiwi Recruitment, we meet with our clients/candidates one to one to obtain a greater understanding of them/their business. Taking the time to listen to the candidate’s needs, time frames and discuss in detail what they’re looking for. We won’t put a candidate forward for a role unless we are confident it would be a good match for them and a suitable working environment.


Finding a job can be a daunting process and we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for a short term job or a permanent role, we can introduce you in a professional and supported manner to our network of companies to give you the best chance of success.

At Kiwi Recruitment, we strive to build good, solid relationships with both client and candidate. Our professional and positive approach means a consistently high level of customer service across the board.

Every individual is different, we always aim to get to know the person, their interests, as well as their future aspirations. Our goal is to ensure that all of our candidates reach their full potential, so this process helps us to gain a realistic idea of what employment options would suit them best.


We keep in constant contact with our candidates to ensure that our information is kept up-to-date and so we know their availability from week to week.

If we find a candidate who is able to work, but struggling with transport, we will endeavour to arrange it for them.

Fresh and friendly

We’re always open and available to chat with clients and candidates. Our fresh and friendly approach means you’ll always be welcomed at the Kiwi Recruitment offices.

Our business grows by referral, so we aim to provide the kind of service that people remember. That’s why everyone leaves feeling that their job search is being taken seriously.

Send us your CV!

We request that all new candidates send us their CV via email. We will reply to your email to acknowledge receipt and offer any guidance we can to help you improve your CV for your new job search.