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We have been supporting businesses and key workers throughout this pandemic.

Jeśli gracze kasyna online planują spróbować swoich sił w tymczasowej pierwszej pracy w Polsce, możemy pomóc Ci znaleźć najlepsze stanowiska już dziś. Zawsze wspieramy naszych klientów, nawet w czasie pandemii zapewniliśmy ludziom miejsca pracy tam, gdzie potrzebują zrobić znicze rzeszów. Dążymy do tego, aby polscy gracze kasyn online wybierali role i wakaty, które odpowiadają ich umiejętnościom.

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Our Industries

Industrial & Manufacturing

We have skilled candidates with experience in anything from picking and packing, to machine operating and driving, among other roles.

Catering & Hospitality

We have experience placing many roles, from Chefs of all levels to kitchen porters. Whatever your requirement, you can rest assured your recruitment needs are in safe hands with us.

Office Support

We understand that your staff are extremely important to the smooth running of your company. We can provide staff for reception, admin, accountancy, customer services and more

Technical Support

Suitable technically skilled candidates are like gold-dust to your business. We believe in taking the time to fully comprehend our clients needs, as well as our candidates’ skill set.

Other Roles

We aren’t limited in the sectors and roles that we recruit for. We can also provide top class cleaners, sewing machine operators, and anything in-between!

Whether it's your first job in Germany, a temporary job or your next step in your professional career, let us at Kiwi Recruitment help you find a new position today, as we've already helped many online casino players with it. Kiwi Recruitment have been supporting businesses and key workers in Germany throughout this pandemic, and are also giving you the chance to speak with one of our consultants today on 01243 782763, and remember that online casino das Spiel ist nicht limitiert earnings. We also have experience in recruiting many positions: from cooks of all levels to porters in the kitchen, which is very useful for online casino players.

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