Do First Impressions Matter?

Do First Impressions Matter?

Do First impressions matter? Apparently you only have seven seconds to make a great first impression and while they are important, we think it takes a little longer than a few seconds. At Kiwi Recruitment, we understand interviews can be the toughest aspect of your job search, but with a few simple tips, you can rule your interview by making a strong first impression.

Be Organised

We say this one time and time again, but never underestimate the power of organisation. Before your interview, go through your rucksack or handbag and make sure you only have what is necessary and you are not arriving with multiple bags. For example, do remember to bring a spare copy of your CV along with any material they have asked from you.

If you are planning on getting a coffee before your interview, make sure you have enough time, but don’t bring your paper cup into the interview.

Be Positive

From the moment you walk into their office, smile. Smile at the receptionist, smile at the co-workers passing through, so you seem friendly and warm from the outset.

Keep eye contact when you meet someone for the first time and make sure to introduce yourself—a simple, “Hello, I’m Joe” is fine. It’s also polite to shake your interviewer’s hand, which is a universally acceptable and professional way to greet someone.

Be Clear

It’s easy to get your tongue tied while in an interview situation. If you are nervous and feel it might impact your speech, remember to take your time. Often when we are nervous, we speak quickly, trying to get our points across and instead of saying something useful, we use filler words, “erm” or “basically.” There is nothing wrong with taking your time and giving yourself a chance to think before you speak.

Be Smart

Smart office attire is the best choice of outfit for any interview situation. Little things like ensuring your shoes are polished and your clothes are crease-free will make you not only look smart, but also make you feel better about yourself which will improve your confidence.


This may seem a lot to remember along with prepping your interview by researching the company and asking yourself those tough questions, but the meeting will soon be over—so remember to be positive and organised.

If you are looking for your next job, get in touch with Kiwi Recruitment Consultants in West Sussex. Not only can we give you tips and tricks, but we will also find you the right opportunities. You can also find us through our Facebook and Twitter page, so if you have any questions, drop us a line!

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