Recruitment & Advertising Locally

Starting a recruitment company is often very stressful, but how do you expand your business? Is advertising worth the money?

Many recruitment agencies across West Sussex expand on word-of-mouth however some of them have added advertising to their list. There are different ways to target employers and different ways to target employees.

When targeting employers, whether it is through ads on a radio station, or articles and ads in magazines, you always have to make sure you include the benefits that employer is going to receive by hiring your company and using your services. Employers look for time and cost-effective solutions when it comes to recruitment and it is important to highlight how your company is going to help them in your advertisements as well as a brief description of how you work.

On the other hand, when targeting employees, it is all about how much you can help them, and how quickly you can find a job that suits them. Employees that go through recruitment agencies often hope to get work as soon as possible as well as for it to be the job they’ve been looking for. Due to how powerful the internet is nowadays, most people look online for a new position, which is why it’s important to advertise how your company can make a difference when helping them find a new job.

With new companies starting and quite a few recruitment companies currently trading, it is important to be different from your competitors. Many will be advertising using the same techniques as you, however making sure your service is of high quality will not only get your name more well known, but it will also provide you with potential new clients and candidates.


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